SkillBridge Made Simple

What is SkillBridge?

A DoD-funded “Career Skills” Program which allows military service members to intern at civilian host companies during the final 6 months of their active duty service, during which the DoD continues to cover 100% of a service member’s salary & benefits.

Service Member Advantages

1. Still receive full active duty pay & benefits from DoD (salary, housing, Tricare) while jumpstarting a civilian career
2. Chance to demonstrate their skills to potential new employer while training on-site
3. Opportunity to learn civilian organization's culture, processes, and procedures
4. Peace of mind for themselves & their family, leading to successful and seamless transition

Industry Advantages

1. First access to ~200,000 military members that separate from service every year
2. Provide your own training to service member
3.Opportunity to train & assess potential employee for up to 6 months while DoD continues to pay all salary & benefits
4. Utilize servicemember's military experience, discipline, work ethic and leadership skills to support & enhance your organization's goals

Benefits of SkillBridge for Industry


1. Priority access & increased visibility to top talent entering job market.

2. Candidates with specialized skills, some with active security clearance.

3. To ~200,000 transitioning service members per year from 140+ installations in US& overseas.


1. To train and trial a potential employee on-site for up to 6 months.

2. To gain a proven leader with work experience, discipline & dedication.

3. To utilize military expertise & career skills that support and enhance your business.

Give Back

1. Provide a valuable opportunity to a service member and their family.

2. Assist with a seamless transition from military to civilian career.

3. Allow military members to continue to feel professional fulfillment, productivity, and community.

How We Help : the SkillBridge "Easy Button"

S2IC works with industry executives to build, improve and scale curated DoD SkillBridge Programs, with training plans specific to each organization’s hiring needs and program expectations, then we manage your program so you don’t have to.


1. Provide expert guidance and proven templates, leading to reduced application time.

2. Avoid increased workload burden for current employees.

3. Get your business directly enrolled in the "Authorized SkillBridge Organization" database.


1. Between the service member, DoD, corporate America, and the SkillBridge office.

2. Navigate cumbersome and rigid DoD processes.

3. Clarify and translate military & DoD terminology to ease transition for everyone.


1. Pre-screen interested SkillBridge participants on behalf of industry client, saving time.

2. Stay up to date on DoD SkillBridge policies, maintain records, and fulfill program requirements.

3. 100% of our focus on the SkillBridge Program, allowing your employees to focus on their primary roles.

Who We Are

S2 Integrity Consulting, LLC was built to support one of the most challenging parts of a service member’s selfless commitment: the transition to Corporate America. Our team of experts build and maintain the DoD SkillBridge Program for corporate America, a program where the DoD covers 100% of a Service Member’s pay and benefits while they intern with civilian employers during their transition out of the military.

We offer complimentary consultations for retiring and transitioning service members, so they can take advantage of this great program, as well as free information sessions for industry members to learn more about how to get on board with SkillBridge.


Our team, having been successful SkillBridge participants, understands the importance of securing meaningful post-service employment early in the transition period, allowing them to focus on other necessary retirement activities. We also understand the complexity and nuances involved with building and maintaining a government program, which has led to a scarcity in these valuable internships.


Partnering with S2IC means streamlining an organization’s ability to enroll in, maintain, and scale their SkillBridge Program. We create a curated SkillBridge Program that is tailored to best fit your company’s hiring needs while avoiding increased workload and stress for current employees, preventing any reduction in current productivity.  We help your organization gain access to a program that will simultaneously support your organization and support retiring service members across the DoD.   

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