Meet S2IC

About Us

S2 Integrity Consulting, LLC (S2IC)  was created by Kaitlin & Jason Seifert following Jason’s transition to corporate America after 22 years of active duty service in the US Army. Jason was able to utilize the SkillBridge program during this transition period, and the experience was invaluable to both him and their family. After hearing how many industry partners were either unaware of (or failing to fully utilize) the program, S2IC was born. 

Meet Kaitlin


Kaitlin began her professional journey working as a mail processor at a financial services firm in Fairfax, Virginia at age 16. By 19 she was appointed Manager of their new Patient Pay department, working directly with the CTO and Customer Service Management to develop the new department. Her process development led to an expansion of the project beyond the initial scope.  She later handed over the department after deciding to return to college full-time, and went on to graduate Summa Cum Laude from George Mason University in Farifax, Virginia. She met Jason and they married in 2004, beginning her journey as a military spouse. 

After settling at their final duty station, she started a notary signing agent business in the Panhandle of Florida, where she lives with Jason, their two daughters, and many pets.  Kaitlin became passionate about helping ease the transition from military to civilian life after seeing firsthand how stressful that experience can be for a servicemember and their family; the stress of the unknown, followed by the relief and “opportunity springboard” a program like SkillBridge provides is invaluable. Kaitlin has also been able to observe the great relationships these vets have built on the “other side” (the civilian & industry side) and seen what a benefit they have become to their new companies. Seeing industry connect with these talented vets and then having both the vet and company be successful is something she finds very fulfilling.

Her vision is to educate corporate America about the SkillBridge Program, and in doing so provide an invaluable SkillBridge opportunity to every service member that hopes to transition into corporate America.

About Jason


Jason retired from the US Army after 22 years of active duty service (12 years enlisted and 10 commissioned). He served in several locations and positions, including the US Army Honor Guard in Washington DC, the Pentagon during 9/11, Afghanistan, Central America, and most recently the 7th Special Forces Group, Eglin Air Force Base Florida.

During his career Jason was known to be a hardworking and revered leader. After winning the Army’s Best Warrior Competition in 2007, Jason was also named the Noncommissioned Officer of the Year for the Department of the Army. In 2008 he was inducted into the elite Audie Murphy Club. In 2009, he decided to become a commissioned officer, and utilized the Army’s Green to Gold Program, attending George Mason University. In 2011 he graduated with academic and military honors, earning the awards of Summa Cum Laude and Distinguished Military Graduate. During his time as an intelligence officer he was a company commander and served as the intelligence officer for a joint task force with NATO supporting operations in Afghanistan. During his time as a detachment commander at the 7th Special Forces Group, Jason spearheaded a restructuring of the battalion’s intelligence section from 1 global sector into 3, as well as expanding and refining counterterrorism processes in Central America.

Since Jason had joined the Army at the age of 17, after 22 years of dedicated service the military life was all he knew. The thought of a career outside of the Army was daunting; he knew the military, knew how to do his job there, and how do it well. The civilian workplace (corporate America) was a vast unknown. However, he then heard about the SkillBridge Program, and that he would be able to intern with a civilian company for the months leading up to his retirement. Jason was able to secure an internship with a renowned government contracting company. Jason is adamant that the opportunity provided by the SkillBridge Program was vital to his successful transition to corporate America. Jason effectively used the SkillBridge program to become a Business Development Executive in a fortune 500 company immediately following his retirement from service.

Jason strives to continue to champion the military throughout the community and industry sectors. 

Our Vision

By navigating the DoD processes for industry, we hope to increase industry enrollment and therefore provide an invaluable SkillBridge opportunity to every service member that hopes to transition into corporate America.

Our Mission

Simplify & streamline the SkillBridge process for industry & servicemembers. To be the "easy button" for corporate America to enroll, access, and utilize the SkillBridge Program while being an ally for military during transition.

Our Values

Work Ethic
Always Value Add
"Lead From The Front"